Everyone in a library has a story. Only you can tell yours.
We are Looking for honest stories about genuine experiences. No need to share your name, but PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR ZIPCODE either with, or in place of, your name. Here are some questions to spark inspiration, but you can share anything about your experience with libraries or librarians.

Share a time when the library:

-Helped you through a difficult situation
-Made you laugh, made you think, made you reconsider
-Provided a needed space
-Taught you something important
-Contributed to your education, empowerment, employment, entrepreneurship or engagement

Or, talk about how your life would be different if your library didn’t exist. Or about how you met someone in the library, or found a job, or learned how to build a robot that folds your laundry. Maybe something as simple as having a place to sit by a sunny window and read in some gosh-darned peace and quiet. It’s your story, and only you can tell it.

At the end of your post, please encourage others to tell their story too. COPY AND PASTE:

Please visit http://living-stories-living-libraries.tumblr.com/submit and share your own story.